Acne/Breakout Prone Skin
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Clinical Spot
Category:   Clear Choice Cleansers

Helps to attack acne bacteria, improves texture, prevents follicular blockage, minimizes discoloration, aids in healing and increases the skin’s immunity, control oil, prevents discoloration. Recommended to spot treat mild/occasional acne or hormonal break outs.

Resist/Rewind Tx Mandelic Solution
Category:   Clear Choice Cleansers

Providing gentle exfoliation for acne prone skin, mandelic is a natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory solution to help brighten, and reduce acne breakouts promoting healthy cell renewal, anti-aging benefits, and dehydration.  Recommended for break out prone, inflamed acne/acne rosacea, and pigmentation.

Mandelic Cleanser
Category:   Clear Choice Cleansers

Gel exfoliating cleanser helping to remove impurities, reduce inflammation and restore balance and hydration. Recommended for acne/break out prone skin, acne/rosacea.

Hydrating Cleanser
Category:   Clear Choice Cleansers

A rich soothing cleanser for delicate skin to help preserve our skin’s barrier. Recommended especially for rosacea, sensitive, and dry skin types or those exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Gentle Foaming Cleanser
Category:   Clear Choice Cleansers

For any skin type, especially sensitive and gentle for rosacea, this soap and surfactant free foaming cleansing gel removes excess impurities and dissolves make up residue without harsh dryness.  Recommended for Rosacea, sensitive and any skin type, post laser and peel.

Gly/Sal Pads
Category:   Acne/Breakout Prone Skin

Daily exfoliating treatment helps to unclog pores and target oil to create a more even skin texture and tone.  Great for non-inflamed acne, acne-rosacea, blackheads and excess production of oil.

Benzoyl Peroxide 5% Treatment Gel
Category:   Acne/Breakout Prone Skin

BP is oxygenizing which inhibits growth of the acne bacteria, and provides an inhospitable environment for it to survive in. Used daily on a specific schedule, this gel will help to clear inflamed acne.

Benzoyl Peroxide 5% Wash
Category:   Acne/Breakout Prone Skin

BP is one of the cornerstones for treating inflamed acne. This pH balanced cleanser provides antibacterial activity against the p-acne bacteria.