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Advanced K Lotion
Category:   Rosacea Skin

Excellent therapy to help diminish rosacea, dark circles and bruising. Helps to strengthen capillary walls by rehabilitating damaged skin and renewing underlying tissue. Recommended for Rosacea, broken capillaries, fragile skin, and post-operative bruising.

Reconstructive Brightening Crème
Category:   Pigmentation/Melasma

Targeting unwanted discoloration without the use of hydroquinone, and ideal for daily maintenance to help promote healthy skin. Works on aging/age spots, discoloration, and pigmentation.  Helps premature aging, and protects collagen and elastin fibers in deeper layers of skin, inhibits melanin production, and provides antioxidant protection to help minimize inflammation. Recommended for sensitive, rosacea, melasma and sun damaged skin.

Category:   Pigmentation/Melasma

This face cream combines hydroquinone, kojic, and lactic which is a powerful blend of professional strength ingredients with bio-active botanicals to treat even the most sensitive skin types. Targeted to address melasma, unwanted sunspots, and  pigmentation from acne  to help even out skin tone.

Hyperpigmentation Tx Solution
Category:   Pigmentation/Melasma

Clinically proven to improve skin’s clarity by 52% and diminish hyperpigmentation by 34%. Increases brightness and reduces redness and helps to reduce melanin formation. Recommended for hyperpigmentation, melasma, post inflammatory marks, uneven color/texture, blackheads and large pores.

Pigment Correcting Brightener
Category:   Pigmentation/Melasma

This correcting cream is developed to work as a lotion or as a treatment mask, with soothing motorization to optimize results of hydroquinone and retinal therapies. Natural skin brighteners and botanical skin tone enhancing ingredients combine in this non-drug formulation to improve visible discoloration and brighten and even skin tone.

Brightening Pads
Category:   Pigmentation/Melasma

These botanical skin tone enhancing pads help to brighten and soothe skin. With natural skin brightener’s such as Kojic acid, Arbutin and Bearberry, it helps to naturally brighten and condition the skin, helping areas of pigmentation and guarding against free radicals.  Recommended for Melasma, pigmentation issues and safe for all skin types.

Intensify by adding Hydroquinone in either a 2%, 4%, 6% or 8% per physician recommendations.